Welcome to The Lioness Den. If you found us, there are three reasons you might be a Lioness.

1. You are known as a fashionista among friends and family and known for your badass style.

2. You are fearless and would like your wardrobe to reflect the REAL you.

3. You are an ambitious girl boss who is ready to take risks.

Here at Lioness, we believe every woman is a Lioness. Through fashionable statement pieces and timeless staples, Lioness is the destination for badass women.

Photo by Casey Weidmann

Photo by Casey Weidmann

Meet Tanya

Tanya Davis-Suber is a fashion professional based out of Dallas, Tx. Her years of work in the retail industry as a Stylist and Bachelors in Fashion Merchandising have equipped her with the skills to educate consumers about fashion. Tanya believes in women's empowerment and breaking the glass ceiling. She is very passionate about social issues, and believes fashion is an outlet to express that. Through creativity, self-searching, and a girlboss mentality, she launched Lioness by Tanya in 2016.


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