Emporium Pies Deep Ellums Best

Are you a pie person? Some people only like certain types of sweets. Your brother is a cookie person, your mother is a cake lover, while you prefer pie. I myself enjoy all types of desserts, but there is something about pie. The flaky crust, warm filling....I CAN'T! If you can relate in anyway, then you my friend need to have a slice of the best pie North Texas has to offer.


I stumbled across Emporium Pies during a stroll around Deep Ellum. The floral painted wall reads "Fine Pie For Fine Folks" and instantly attracted to its artistic flare, I walked in eager to try my first slice.

Two customers in line in front of me were also very excited. They were eager to recommend their favorites to me. "Do you like chocolate? Smooth Operator is amazing!"

"Try Lord of The Pies. It's an apple pie with caramel streusel!" Apple pie is a classic. Paired with caramel? Oh you had me at streusel. I was served quickly by a friendly cashier who so graciously suggested vanilla ice cream on top of my slice (Bless you).

The crust was buttery and flaky, and very thick. The way a pie crust is supposed to be. The streusel was candied to perfection, not too sweet or too crunchy. The apples were smothered in a caramel sauce that complimented the streusell. The apples were absolutely delicious with an obvious freshness and just the right texture. I had the best apple pie I ever tasted at Emporium Pies. Lord of the Pies, yes indeed.

Check them out when you are in the Dallas area. Emporium Pies also has a McKinney and Bishop Arts location. Be sure to try their new Spring flavors that include: In The Limelight, Blue Steel, Cloud Nine, & Dr, Love.

Emporium Pies Deep Ellum

2708 Main Street Dallas, TX